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Download Muppets Most Wanted Full Movie

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Stars: Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell
Release Date: 21 March 2014

Disney's "Muppets Most Wanted Movie Download Link" takes the entire Muppets gang on a global tour, selling out grand theaters in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations, including Berlin, Madrid and London. But mayhem follows the Muppets overseas, as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper headed by Constantine—the World’s Number One Criminal and a dead ringer for Kermit—and his dastardly sidekick Dominic "Number Two" Badguy (portrayed by Ricky Gervais). Muppets Most Wanted full movie download,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel sequel Man of Steel 2 - Deadline includes MOS 2 and eventually Justice League

Warner Bros. is supremely confident in the film’s prospects, as they’ve reportedly just fast-tracked production on Download Man of Steel 2 with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer once again signed on as director and writer, respectively. According to Deadline, Goyer’s deal is part of a three-picture writing deal that includes Watch Man of Steel Online Free, Man of Steel 2, and the eventual Justice League – whether that’ll arrive in 2015 or later is yet unclear (but you can probably bet on later). MoS 2 will be the fifth DC movie – after Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy – that Goyer has worked on for Warner Bros.

Speaking of Nolan, Deadline indicates that he’ll almost certainly have some involvement in the sequel, but it’ll likely be much diminished from the role he had on Man of Steel, where he sort of co-authored the story and got all the pieces together before Zack Snyder came on board.

For fans looking forward to Man of Steel, this is all presumably good news. Of course, it raises a lot of questions with regard to the (undoubtedly) forthcoming shared DC Cinematic Universe. What does this mean about the rumored Batman/Superman film? Could Batman show up in the Man of Steel sequel – or, indeed, have a major role in it? And what does it mean for the Justice League film and its (not very likely) 2015 release date?

Zack Snyder has vaguely talked about being interested in directing Justice League if all goes well with Man of Steel. But does Warner Bros. want Snyder in that role? And if so, does that mean Warners plans to wait until after Man of Steel 2‘s release to start production on their big tent-pole team-up film?

Then there’s perhaps the most important question of all – with General Zod out of the way, which Superman villain (or villains) will we be seeing in the sequel? You can pretty much guarantee that Lex Luthor will pop up at some point, but considering he doesn’t punch very hard, a more melee-oriented antagonist might also be in order. Download Man of Steel Movie. Watch Man of Steel Online Free. Metallo? Bizarro? Parasite? Brainiac? Mongul? All of the above?

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Man of Steel is Flying High - Download Man of Steel Film | A Super Man Movie

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures just announced its hotly anticipated Man Of Steel opened with a midnight show of $9 million. Download Man of Steel Film. Combined with $12M from a corporate group sale screening program at 7 PM, this third Superman franchise begins its North American run with a cume of $21M. “Off to a flying start!!!” A studio exec gushed to me just now. The number ranks 7th among late show records, behind only the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises, but ahead of The Hunger Games. It’s also the all-time highest superhero late show record, surpassing The Avengers’ remarkable $18.7M and The Dark Knight‘s $18.5M. The more equal comparison would be June 2005′s Batman Begins which was the first of the trilogy and grossed $1.6M at midnight while June 2006′s Superman Returns reboot made $4.9M and July 2012′s The Amazing Spider-Man redo earned $7.5M. Of course, any such record must come with an asterisk because Hollywood studios recently have interpreted ‘midnights’ as beginning at 7 PM Thursday through midnight and sometimes into early dawn. So that prevents any accurate movie-to-movie direct comparison of late show grosses. IMAX hauled in $1.6M domestic from Man Of Steel late shows from 327 North American locations.

This third Superman franchise goes wide today in a whopping 4,207 locations which is the 2nd widest release ever for a non-sequel: 850 are 2D only, and the remaining venues will play in 3D with a 2D component. Tracking has ranged from Warner Bros’ lowball $80sM aimed a managing expectations to rival studio projections around $95M-$100M. According to both fandango and, domestic advance ticket sales accounted for over 85% of total daily transactions Thursday and today. (“That percentage would have been higher if it weren’t for This Is The End doing 7% of sales today,” says Fandango’s Harry Medved.) Still, even with a longish running time of two hours and 23 minutes, the Chris Nolan-Zack Snyder-David S. Goyer-Henry Cavill tentpole Man Of Steel could pack an unexpectedly stronger punch because of the 3D premium and immense wannasee. It’s almost guaranteed to set a new opening weekend record for the month of June. Superman’s last big screen outing was Superman Returns with a very mediocre five-day opening of $84.6M that stopped Warner Bros from ordering up a sequel. But it scored higher positive reviews of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes than Man Of Steel‘s surprisingly middling 58% seven years later. Then again, this is a critics-proof pic after it took Christopher Nolan’s involvement to make Superman cool again (finally)  even though it’s a feel-good movie where the man of steel must save the day against Michael Shannon’s villainous General Zod. And the studio’s masterful marketing campaign filled with mystery (that first teaser barely featured the Metropolis Marvel) really caught the imagination of anyone ever enamored of one of the most popular DC Comics characters ever.

Overseas, my sources tell me records are already breaking around from Asia though Korea (see poster) hasn’t reported grosses yet. Taiwan opened on Wednesday and Man Of Steel grossed a huge NT$23,773,310 ($794,742) nationwide for the all-time highest opening day for any Warner Bros film and the buggest opening day for Chris Nolan. The Philippines opened the film on its Independence Day, also Wednesday, to record results. The film became the biggest opening day ever with P69,284,858 ($1,657,532) comprising 347,626 admissions from 466 screens nationwide. That made Man Of Steel #1 with over 90% market share. In all, Superman is opening in 24 international markets day and date with North America, including 3 Top Ten countries: UK, Korea, and Mexico. Warner Bros will launch an additional 26 markets on the second weekend, including China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Spain. Ultimately, the film will be on more than 21,000 screens abroad.

Meanwhile, Fandango surveyed more than 1,000 Man Of Steel  ticket-buyers and found that 88% are fans of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight franchise, 83% said the supporting cast of Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, and Michael Shannon increased their interest in seeing the movie, 81% claimed the darker interpretation of Superman made them more interested in buying a ticket, 75% cannot wait to see the villain General Zod, 72% are fans of director Zack Snyder’s previous films (300, Watchmen), 69% want to see the lead played by Henry Cavill and not by an established box office superstar. Much more to come all weekend. Counter-programming the Man Of Steel juggernaut this weekend is Sony/Columbia Pictures’ raunchy apocalyptic comedy This Is The End.

It received a ‘B+’ CinemaScore from audiences and 82% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and a #1 reception Wednesday. With a dearth of both ‘R’-rated movies or well-received laughers in the marketplace, pic made $7.8M from 3,055 theaters including $2.2M from Tuesday late shows and Wednesday midnights. Download Man of Steel Film. Projections are for at least mid-$30sM over the next 5 days - which is about the same dollar figure as its $32M negative cost.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review

'Man of Steel' is caffeinated action-adventure superhero fantasy, which follows director Bryan Singer’s underrated attempt to resurrect the franchise in 2006 with Superman Returns, addresses the Superman myth on the 75th anniversary of the original comic book.

Man of Steel is the origin story of Superman, certainly one of the most recognizable, iconic, and beloved movie characters of all time.

British actor Henry Cavill (playing both caped Superman and his alter ego, Clark Kent) is supported by a veteran, Oscar-nomination-credible ensemble that includes Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Supe’s Kryptonian birth father; Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Pa and Ma Kent, his adoptive human parents in Smallville, Kansas; Amy Adams as reporter and romantic interest Lois Lane; Laurence Fishburne as Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White; and Michael Shannon as Kryptonian villain General Zod.

The lead character is an alien with superpowers and, instead of Kryptonite, a measure of loneliness and ambivalence and uncertainty about his place and role on Earth.  He has come from the dying planet of Krypton and is adopted by the Kents, then goes on to become a protector of the people of Earth, but he remains an outsider.

So there’s angst on display, but it’s trumped and eventually smothered by body-slamming action sequences that just don’t know when to quit.  We, however, do.

Director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch) — working with producer Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David S. Goyer, whose screenplay emerged from the revisionist story by Nolan and Goyer -– is so enamored of CGI special-effects pyrotechnics, incendiary explosions, and frenetic fistfights between super-creatures that he ignores the film’s underdeveloped characters and its speechifying dialogue, leaping over plot holes in a single bound.

His slant on the familiar material is melancholic, which is fine.  But it’s also real close to pure action escapism.

Humor is, for some reason, in strangely short supply, making us yearn for 1978’s entertaining Superman with Christopher Reeve donning the cape for director Richard Donner and self-parody a significant and tasty ingredient.

It’s also a reminder that Superman movies are allowed to be fun.

In fact, so intent is director Snyder on showing off the latest in snazzy special effects that the film does eventually turn into -– and I mean this as the most incriminating of insults –- a Transformers flick. Explosion after explosion, destruction on a mass scale, and absolutely endless one-on-one fighting between Kryptonians is the working definition of a bloody bore.

Superman may be faster than a speeding bullet, but, at nearly 2½ hours, the film itself is anything but.

And enough already with the 9/11 imagery: it’s understandable as an element here, but at some point we begin to feel the trivialization of that tragic real-life event.

So we’ll duck into a phone booth (remember them?) and change into 2 stars out of 4 for Man of Steel, a loud, bone-crunching, patience-testing retelling of the Superman legend.

You don’t need x-ray vision or 3-D glasses to see how joyless and bloated this version is, and you won’t have a ball watching this brawl.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Man of Steel set for a Sequel according to Deadline

Zack Snyder's comic-book reimagining, which opens in the UK and US this Friday, is being tipped for an impressive box office haul. Deadline reports the film's creative team of Snyder and screenwriter David S Goyer are both set to return for part two, which is being fast-tracked into production. The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan, who oversaw the film in a much-hyped "godfather" producer's role, may have less input into the follow-up, which would be expected to see Britain's Henry Cavill reprising his role as Kal-El.

Strong box office predictions for Man of Steel should assuage studio Warner Bros' likely dismay at a new report from Bloomberg that suggests movies based on Marvel comic books generate 47% more in US box office sales on average than those based on comics in rival stable DC. Warner Bros owns the screen rights to the DC catalogue, which includes Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. Marvel films are mostly overseen by Disney-owned Marvel Studios, which had huge success with 2012's $1.5bn The Avengers and this year's Iron Man 3 (almost $1.2bn). However, rival studios Sony and 20th Century Fox own the rights to individual titles such as Spider-Man and the X-Men.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

‘Man of Steel’ exclusive Superman Statue Giveaway

When "Man of Steel" opens this Friday, Henry Cavill is going to look super on the big screen. But wouldn't he look even better in your house?

Now's your chance to take home the Man of Steel, cause we're giving him away! Well, we're giving away a statue of him that's a darn good likeness of Henry Cavill in the hotly anticipated upcoming Warner Bros. release, "Man of Steel," opening wide this Friday. And at 1/6 the size of the real Supes, the statue will be a lot easier to find proper display space for.

One grand prize winner will receive this stirring piece of art from DC Collectibles, featuring Superman, looking more powerful than a locomotive, beautifully sculpted by Gentle Giant. The hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue measures approximately 13.25 high by 8.5 wide by 5.75 inches deep.

Step 1: Follow @yahoomovies on Twitter

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Note: One entry per person/email address/Twitter handle.

Step 3: The giveaway ends 11:59 a.m. PT on June 17, 2013. Winners will be notified on Twitter and will receive a Direct Message with further information. Keep in mind, this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Check out the official contest rules below, but first, here's our exclusive Insider Access with the cast of "Man of Steel" ...



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2. How To Enter: a. Registration: The "Promotion Period" is defined as the period specified in the Yahoo! Movies blog for each promotion. If you are not an existing Twitter account holder, visit and follow the instructions to register for a free Twitter account. Once logged into Twitter, set your Twitter account to "follow" the Twitter handle associated with the Promotion, @YahooMovies (the "Promotion Twitter Address"). You MUST "follow" the Promotion Twitter Address during the entire Promotion Period to be eligible to win. b. Entry: Once you have registered for the Promotion, complete your entry in the Promotion by either i. Mail Entry: Send a printed copy of this web page along with your name and contact information to: Yahoo! Movies Promotion Entry, Yahoo! Inc., 2400 Broadway, First Floor, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Watch Man of Steel Online Full Movie Free Streaming. Include the name of the Promotion you are entering with your entry. Entries post marked after the close of the Promotion Period will not be honored. ii. Twitter Entry:  Send a Twitter update (a "Tweet"), using the Twitter account you set up in Rule 2a above, to @yahoomovies with the words "Up, up and away! I want to win a #ManOfSteel statue from @yahoomovies #YahooDVD" iii. You will receive ONE entry in the Promotion (an "Entry"), when you submit a Tweet to @yahoomovies during the Promotion Period, in accordance with the method described above. For purposes of these Official Rules, "receipt" of an Entry occurs when Yahoo! receives your registration and entry information as properly submitted by you in accordance with the instructions above. In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of the holder of a Twitter account or handle, the dispute will be resolved in favor of the individual who is the "authorized email account holder" of the "alternate email address" provided when the Twitter account was created. "Authorized email account holder" is defined as the natural person assigned an email address by an internet access provider, online service provider, or other organization (i.e., business, educational institution) responsible for assigning email addresses for the domain associated with the submitted email address. If Yahoo! is unable to verify the authorized account holder of a potentially winning Twitter account, that account will be disqualified and an alternate winner selected. A potential prize winner may be required to provide Promotion Entities with proof that he/she is the authorized account holder as described above. LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER PERSON, PER EMAIL ADDRESS AND/OR PER TWITTER ID. Although subsequent attempts to enter may be received, only the first entry received from a particular individual will count; subsequent attempts to enter will be disqualified. The submission of an entry is solely the responsibility of the entrant. Entries may only be made according to the method described above. Proof of sending (such as an automated computer receipt, "thanks for entering" message, or post office receipt) does not constitute proof of actual receipt by Yahoo! of an entry for purposes of these Official Rules. Automated entries (including but not limited to entries submitted using any bot, script, macro, or sweepstakes service), copies, third party entries, facsimiles and/or mechanical reproductions are not permitted and will be disqualified. Only eligible entries actually received by Yahoo! before the end of the specified entry period will be included in the prize drawing. Unintelligible, incomplete, or garbled entries will be disqualified. All entries become the property of Yahoo!, and none will be acknowledged or returned.

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